geminibp (geminibp) wrote,

The Dream

It seems like everything I was told growing up was utter nonsense. For instance, any advice to disregard the opinions of others in favor of finding some group of peers who accept you for yourself should come with an all-caps disclaimer pointing out that you just might never find them. Maybe settling for less is worth considering. Isolation(self imposed or otherwise) is hell. I don't care how authentic or original you are its not worth the cost unless somehow you are entirely content with the solitude. I am not. I mean the thought of truly being yourself and being accepted among peers you respect and care for is idyllic and perhaps as such should be disregarded as so much other Hollywood fabricated delusion.

No social relationship is perfect. They all in some way or other revolve around interested parties hoping to satisfy and be satisfied via social interaction, preferably at no great personal cost. Don't get me wrong true friendship exists. I'd like to think that everyone has at least one true friend someone they just naturally clicked with and were closer than family. Nevertheless, circumstances rarely allow us the availability of such friends few and far between as they may be. I wish I had been raised with a greater awareness of the penalties associated with social alienation. Ces't la vie I suppose. I guess learning the hard way has it's merits.
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