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Writing is an outlet I rely upon from time to time. I wish it were less sporadic but there it is.


Climb everything, collect bruises like old men collect dust. Break a leg and learn to play hopscotch with crutches. Chase the dog and spook the cat. Break a mirror and swallow a marble. Learn 1+1, see spot run, and how well hair mingles with bubble gum. Get sick in all the best ways in all the best places, vomit in the elevator on all the pretty shoes, snot and spit on mom's boss all over his wrinkled dome.

Fail to make the bathroom in time too many times to count but enough to know the inestimable value of clothes clean and dry in that wordless animal way. Cross the street when no one is watching, lick the frozen pole on a dare and lose your taste buds. Steal a candy bar or three. Discover what makes your parents tick and press all their buttons. Ditch school to see the Yankee's play with dad on his birthday. Ask all the questions you can think to ask. Then ask all the ones you shouldn't but will anyway.

Be afraid of the dark and kiss your cousin on the knee. Act when you shouldn't and pause when you should flee. Do the opposite of what you are told. Go to the movies and sit in the very front row until your head hurts and your stomach rolls. Scream and cry and gnash your teeth when you can't have your way and wish the worst on your parents. Get to know the word "unfair."Dance like a monkey in the sun and swallow/choke on the water in the pool. Catch snowflakes on your tongue and visit the carnival riding all the rides your height allows.

Go on field trips and get lost. Send secret notes in class, do you like me y/n? Paint badly. Scrape your knees. Talk too much. Stay up late at night with a flashlight and a copy of Steven King's "IT"your dad thought he hid in his closet. Harass your siblings as if they were hostile aliens. Make friends;lose friends.

Fall asleep in your mother's lap and try to act older than your age. Break the neighbor's fence on your bike with that bamboo pole trying to joust like the real knights of old. Burn your finger on the stove, and eat too much of everything. Do all these things as if they are everything Life has to offer. When you sit here like me remember, and smile fondly for all those things which could only but once be.
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